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“Folk music for modern people” Tobias Wilner

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Blue Foundation- “Eyes on Fire”. My birthday song.

Described as a Danish alternative rock, Blue Foundation was founded by Tobias Wilner in 2000. It has a distinctive sound ( there is definately something coldly Scandinavian about it) that can be called: “melodic drama pop”.

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Today was all about food. Well, almost. Day started with trying to figure out the modern condition and transformation of modernity to finally end up wondering around streets in Copenhagen to find some quality food to welcome friends for a birthday feast. It turned out to be about bread and meat- with additional greens and Greek treats. It made me think that finding what you really want when it comes to food in a foreign country is excessively hard. However, there are ways to manage:


1) Slagteren pa Kultorvet ( Frederiksborggade 4 -1360 Kbh K )- just next to the Norreport station this butcher is absolutely magnificent. Unfortunately quite pricy but the quality is excellent. You are being offered some samples to try and butchers are very helpful when you are undecided. I would actually say they are being seductive, but who doesn’t like to be seduced in a meat shop? My personal favourite is JENS the butcher. Talk to him and you will discover meat wonders.

2)Butcher opposite Granola Cafe ( Vaernedamsvej, Frederiksberg)- typical Danish butcher. Not a lot to offer, but when it does it is really good. You can also buy wine that will fit to your meat choice, olives and some other treats. This is more about pork. But when you prefer something like beef and lamb then…

3)HALAL SLAGTERS ( the best at Blegdamsvej, Norrebro)- these butchers of Muslim origin offer only beef and lamb (chicken in the freezers…) but when this is good quality then it is absolutely delicious. This particular one has beef&lamb sausages with mint and harissa ( veeerryyy spicy Arabic paste)- if you like to feel hot then it is something for you.

However, when it comes to bread and pastries the choices are limited. I am more of a “French type”- I prefer nice and delicate instead or hard and heavy breads ( except rye bread). There are two picks, well actually one:


1)!!!! LAGKAGEHUSET by Christianhavn metro station. It is absolutely the best: breads, sandwiches, pastries and tarts with raspberries. Heaven, accept quite pricy heaven. Good for a weekend breakfast treat with your friends.

Lagkagehuset Christianhavn

You will not regret

2) EMMERYS (Norrebrogade 8, 2200 Kobenhavn- only one of the places where you can find it)- chain of pricy organic breads. Good, but overrated.

concert craziness

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Under the emotions of yesterday’s concert I have to say that Copenhagen is a great place to see your favourite bands. The choice is so big that you just have to save some money and a lot of spare time and you can see amazing performances. The easiest way to find out about them is to visit under EVENTS ( and then respectively Copenhagen). Places where they take place are usually:

Parken / Vega / Rust

However, the smaller concert or concerts of more *cosy* or *electronic* character can take place in various small bars.

Yesterday it was an experience of a mass concert, great performance and a proof that bands CAN BE better live than on tape. Bravo!

MUSE 26/10/09

MUSE 26/10/09

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Art goes to Copenhagen

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” we are moving the exhibit. Gallery in Copenhagen made an offer and we accepted”. Bastards!

This is where the problem started. Christopher Walken, Morgan Freeman and William H. Macy work as guards in a Museum and are totally crazy about some exhibits ( one each). They need to keep them from being taken to Museum in Copenhagen.

Walken and Freeman turn into nice elderly men that have passion but no real idea and grip to take care of the situation ( I still remember Walken in “True Romance”…)

Good for cold, soaked evenings (I guess we are going to have plenty of them).



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So here we are on this Sunday afternoon, thinking about doing something constructive. We do know that working at home does not always help our efficiency (distractions, i.e. : fridge, laptop, newspaper etc.). We come up with a perfect idea: LIBRARY. And… nothing. There is an exisitng problem: libraries in Copenhagen do not work on Sunday. They give us this blissful free day (concerning everything: shopping of any kind, some cafes) not taking into account that Sunday is actually a perfect day to catch up with your work. Well, there is one library… CBS (Copenhagen Business School) Library ( Frederiksberg Metro Station)- those people value knowledge, cause afterall its economics running our world, isn’t it? If you are not a part of the “clique” you will have to sneek in and not show off with what you are working on.

During the week there are 3 picks:

*Den Sorte Diamant (Søren Kierkegaards Plads 1, 1219 København‎ – 3347 4363‎)- the most famous library due to its excellent location. Situated by the canal in the mystic “Slosholmen”area it actually resembles a “black diamond”. Finished in 1999 it is joined to the Royal Library from the 19th century. I highly recommend the last room on the first floor in the old part- we call it “Harry Potter room”. Great atmosphere to study.

Diamond Library

Diamond Library on a sunny day

*Humanities Library ( Njalsgade 80, 2300 København‎ – 3532 8046‎)- brand new library at Islands Brygge part of University. Very spacious with a lot of light. Modern spirit. Quite the opposite of the Diamond Library.



*Social Sciences Library ( Gothersgade 140, 1123 Kobenhavn K)- situated in the old Botanik building ( it is surrounded by amazing Botanic gardens), just opposite the main city Campus (CSS). It is an old building with many reading rooms that you can get lost in and also a space when can you make your own coffee ( in the basement!).

Using library is another mistery- many cards, including photocopy card and above all CPR number ( they will have you in their system). Keen stuff will try to explain it to you. Sometimes it works.

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I did not mention it yet, but I live in a place called “SIGNALHUSET”. Finished in 2006 it is a building consisting of 288 residential units that  can be turned into 72 flats. What is important it is in a development surrounding Orestad tube station called – “Orestad City”. So here I am: in between office buildings, facing a shopping mall Field’s on one side and some block of houses on the other.

Remember what I wrote about cafes in a rainy day? Well, getting some food at local supermarket located in Field’s mall, proved me wrong. People do not want to explore. People do not want to see what is out there. They just want to indulge in bare “Spirit of Capitalism” ( I got inspired by Luc Boltanski and Eve Chiapello book). So this is what I propose:

if you are too tired to go outside and too cosy with your feet covered by blanket have a look on what is out there at . You have a link on the side.

My favourite so far is TIETGENKOLLEGIET, ah a masterpiece! (

And whoever said about Signalhuset : “A refreshing accent between buildings of steel, glass, and stone”, was probably right in 2006. After 3 years it does not seem to be true anymore.

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rainy saturday

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What to do on a miserable day like that? Well… Staying at home is equally miserable like the falling drops of water outside our windows. The best idea is to: go meet with your friends in a cafe, eat a brunch that is going to warm you up and continue your day getting some food shopping for the rest of the week/read your book/go to the cinema.

Starting from the first though, ideas are multiple, but the really interesting places are only few:

*Kalaset (Vendersgade 16, kld., 1363 København K‎ – 3333 0035‎) – close to Norreport tube station. Supposedly it is a brainchild of a Swedish-Italian couple. The interior is quite retro (plenty of old radios placed on the walls) but it gives it a kind of cosy, messy touch. Food is absolutely amazing. Try a sandwich with chicken- you will not regret that.

*Granola (Værnedamsvej 5, 1819 København‎ – 3325 0080‎) – placed in a almost-French district around Frederiksberg ( French high-school is just around the corner). Granola has a family atmosphere. Kind of a place you would go with your friend but also grandma. Smell of coffee and amazing milkshakes. Supposedly it is famous for “rodgrod”- porridge with fruit and cream. One tday I will try that- I just need to find some courage.

*The Laundromat Cafe (Elmegade 15, 2200 København N‎ – 3535 2672‎)-you can find it just at the beginning of Norrebro district. Elmegade is a very “hip” street nowadays- young designers in a not pretensional kind of way. Idea for this cafe is to do your laundry while you sip your coffee and maybe eat breakfast ( the “greasy” breakfast-it’s actually called like that- is almost an English one, but sooo much nicer). Good place to start your Saturday and then go wondering around the streets.

Leoni in "The Laundromat"

Leoni in "The Laundromat"

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