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rainy saturday

What to do on a miserable day like that? Well… Staying at home is equally miserable like the falling drops of water outside our windows. The best idea is to: go meet with your friends in a cafe, eat a brunch that is going to warm you up and continue your day getting some food shopping for the rest of the week/read your book/go to the cinema.

Starting from the first though, ideas are multiple, but the really interesting places are only few:

*Kalaset (Vendersgade 16, kld., 1363 København K‎ – 3333 0035‎) – close to Norreport tube station. Supposedly it is a brainchild of a Swedish-Italian couple. The interior is quite retro (plenty of old radios placed on the walls) but it gives it a kind of cosy, messy touch. Food is absolutely amazing. Try a sandwich with chicken- you will not regret that.

*Granola (Værnedamsvej 5, 1819 København‎ – 3325 0080‎) – placed in a almost-French district around Frederiksberg ( French high-school is just around the corner). Granola has a family atmosphere. Kind of a place you would go with your friend but also grandma. Smell of coffee and amazing milkshakes. Supposedly it is famous for “rodgrod”- porridge with fruit and cream. One tday I will try that- I just need to find some courage.

*The Laundromat Cafe (Elmegade 15, 2200 København N‎ – 3535 2672‎)-you can find it just at the beginning of Norrebro district. Elmegade is a very “hip” street nowadays- young designers in a not pretensional kind of way. Idea for this cafe is to do your laundry while you sip your coffee and maybe eat breakfast ( the “greasy” breakfast-it’s actually called like that- is almost an English one, but sooo much nicer). Good place to start your Saturday and then go wondering around the streets.

Leoni in "The Laundromat"

Leoni in "The Laundromat"

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