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So here we are on this Sunday afternoon, thinking about doing something constructive. We do know that working at home does not always help our efficiency (distractions, i.e. : fridge, laptop, newspaper etc.). We come up with a perfect idea: LIBRARY. And… nothing. There is an exisitng problem: libraries in Copenhagen do not work on Sunday. They give us this blissful free day (concerning everything: shopping of any kind, some cafes) not taking into account that Sunday is actually a perfect day to catch up with your work. Well, there is one library… CBS (Copenhagen Business School) Library ( Frederiksberg Metro Station)- those people value knowledge, cause afterall its economics running our world, isn’t it? If you are not a part of the “clique” you will have to sneek in and not show off with what you are working on.

During the week there are 3 picks:

*Den Sorte Diamant (Søren Kierkegaards Plads 1, 1219 København‎ – 3347 4363‎)- the most famous library due to its excellent location. Situated by the canal in the mystic “Slosholmen”area it actually resembles a “black diamond”. Finished in 1999 it is joined to the Royal Library from the 19th century. I highly recommend the last room on the first floor in the old part- we call it “Harry Potter room”. Great atmosphere to study.

Diamond Library

Diamond Library on a sunny day

*Humanities Library ( Njalsgade 80, 2300 København‎ – 3532 8046‎)- brand new library at Islands Brygge part of University. Very spacious with a lot of light. Modern spirit. Quite the opposite of the Diamond Library.



*Social Sciences Library ( Gothersgade 140, 1123 Kobenhavn K)- situated in the old Botanik building ( it is surrounded by amazing Botanic gardens), just opposite the main city Campus (CSS). It is an old building with many reading rooms that you can get lost in and also a space when can you make your own coffee ( in the basement!).

Using library is another mistery- many cards, including photocopy card and above all CPR number ( they will have you in their system). Keen stuff will try to explain it to you. Sometimes it works.

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