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Virtual Realities

November 25, 2009 Leave a comment

For some odd reasion work had piled up and keeps us in. Books in the day/ Movies in the evening/Music in between. Occasional fun of making random theatre plays at 1 am. ( Norrebro flat of my friends is truly inspiring…).

This all means less walking, more sitting, less exploring..of the city only. We do widen our horyzonts as well as curiosity for virtual discoveries.

That is why 2 new pages had been created:

* Cph playlist- for music that we encounter during the stay here

* Still to see – movies that seem to be worth seeing ( for various reasons)

Open up for virtual realities!

Winter Melancholy: Take Love Easy ( breezy breezy, take it easy with velvet gloves;) by Ella Fitzgerald

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I read about this guide a lot already. It comes up randomly from different people and different places. It was made by designers and independent people about many cities in Europe, Copenhagen is of course included.


If you want to buy it, go to Urban Outfitters, price 220 dkk

Check it out first at their website

Maybe good for a Christmas Present?

new talent!

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My friend has a friend. She sings, he plays. Recently she had started a myspace site so we can see how her carriere is growing. Wonderful for those cold nights coming. Unfortunately I can not find a song where my friend is accompanying her with an electric guitar for the song “your sin of idle”… It was amazing!

EMILIE CHYTRAEUS (Copenhagen, Denmark)

good luck

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Make a *Karriere*

November 23, 2009 Leave a comment

We had guests again during this weekend and we decided to try the *industrial path*: We showed them what the meatpacking district is all about popping into 1)a bar 2)jolene and 3) karriere bar. The next day we had a visit at Carlsberg’s factory.

Meatpacking district is located below Istedgade in Vesterbro district ( really close from the central station Kobenhavn H). Former or still a bit existing place where the meat is packed and maybe a bit processed. Among all those warehouses during the weekends you can discover many clubs/bars with a bit of different style.

We had been to Jolene before ( always a surprise because it is always different music in there!), we were always wondering about Karriere Bar which is just near by. Usually we just get rejected due to their unexplainable rule of 21 or 23 years old barriere- our group is diversified therefore there is always someone with a lower age.

This time we made it and it was great. Beer, music etc.

amazing lamps in karriere bar

Actually, the age difference was quite visible. It looked as if the average was about 35/40 years old. However, the music was really good to have fun to and at about 2 o’clock it became packed.

If you ever get in there watch out for your belongings- despite sway looking suits and shirts sometimes your posession can get missing and the night is not as fun as it could be before.

Sample from last night:


Feel like a teenager

November 20, 2009 1 comment

My friend made an excellent diner yesterday: she presented Polish specialities “pierogi” in a great variety. The mixture of international guests made it more colorful: Swiss friend brought chocolate, Ecuadorian home treats, Greek made a salad, French indulged us with wine and Australian was just pure fun with coala bear on his chest.

After a splendid meal the latter convinced us to move somewhere else- bar/disco. The name was known to us for some reason and we decided to continue good evening. It was truly great- we felt like teenagers. Music, people, shots for 5 dkk, everything was like we remember it from high school. And the dj… probably British 45 year-old liking parties at Ibiza…

Want to feel like a teenager again? Highly recommended then! ( you will need a lot of alcohol to truly enjoy it… A fix of bear and fisk will make it for you)

KULOR BAR website:, near KONGENS NYTORV metro stop.

Kind of music? you have a sample here:

Keep discovering

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Cities are likeĀ  an alive mass that changes but usually we do not notice that. It is worth having walks in your favorite places to see what had changed and what is still there. This is especially true for developing countries, but maybe also for Copenhagen?

I was trying to find one of another yet libraries, this time in Christianhavn. I am there quite often but usually take the same, boring way to get to my destinations. And here I had found a yet another *magical* hidden corner. First of all it is a very old part- you feel like you are in different times. Second of all it is a corner of nice-looking cafes and bars with a not-so-hip clientele ( in comparison to Norrebro, Elmegade, lets say)



Directions: location

Places to still discover:


*Eiffel Bar (

some Sandwich shops and Italian restaurants. You can combine it with a visit to Danish Architecture Center which is just neer-by!


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