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Feel like a teenager

My friend made an excellent diner yesterday: she presented Polish specialities “pierogi” in a great variety. The mixture of international guests made it more colorful: Swiss friend brought chocolate, Ecuadorian home treats, Greek made a salad, French indulged us with wine and Australian was just pure fun with coala bear on his chest.

After a splendid meal the latter convinced us to move somewhere else- bar/disco. The name was known to us for some reason and we decided to continue good evening. It was truly great- we felt like teenagers. Music, people, shots for 5 dkk, everything was like we remember it from high school. And the dj… probably British 45 year-old liking parties at Ibiza…

Want to feel like a teenager again? Highly recommended then! ( you will need a lot of alcohol to truly enjoy it… A fix of bear and fisk will make it for you)

KULOR BAR website: http://kulorbar.dk/, near KONGENS NYTORV metro stop.

Kind of music? you have a sample here:

  1. pasja
    November 20, 2009 at 6:43 pm

    it is very true. but now i regret i cant eat very tasty carrot cake made by you, becouse kulor bar made me too much fisk.. PUHA!

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