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New Year

December 31, 2009 Leave a comment

Dear All,

New Year is coming. This one was pretty good, lets hope the next one is going to be even better! Lets have fun tonight: party in glittery clothes with extraordinary champagne surrounded by people we love.

See you soon in Copenhagen. Till then- news from Warsaw. I have to admit: pretty exciting too 🙂



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Warszawa Powisle

December 26, 2009 4 comments

If you ever come to Warsaw you have to see this:  a former train ticket office, abandoned in the communist times turned into bar/cafe or rather cafe/bar. Nice owners, always great atmosphere and very easy to get there. Just perfect.

Recommended even on the Boxing Day- after you got your presents.

by Piotr Mroz

warszawa powisle-spaceship

Today, supposedly, a good party with dj Stanislaw. Be there around 22!

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Warsaw Christmas

December 24, 2009 1 comment

On Christmas we usually end up where it is best for us: the cosiest, the most comfortable. For me so far it is Warsaw and I must say that I am having  a great time here: friends, friends of friends, family and above all culinary specialities that  I missed so much.

It has to be said: Warsaw is developing rapidly and it changes very fast. Thanks to my friends I get to be up-to-date with what is new and worth seeing and so far I had reached:

OSIR Cafe (

osir swiateczny

friends of friends opened this cosy cafe and called it OSIR- a “cult” thing in Polish meaning “place for recreation and sport”. I am sure you can achieve it there- with bicycles on the walls and great glogg with honey liquor!  Unforgettable.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Christmas Trolle

December 17, 2009 Leave a comment

I have a friend and she has particular abilities. Well, mostly she lives in a different reality but it is what makes her special. She gets to know the weirdest people in the weirdest ways and still does not know how to get to her house. It causes a lot of social confusion but also smiles. She is the one that is always open for adventures, spontaneity etc. Thanks to her I am discovering world and a lot of myself. – Christmas tribute to Leo.

This is what she had discovered while buying presents for her family.friends:

Trolle Siebenhaar – very interesting singer. Actually the singer is Anne Trolle and the person she is in cooperation is called Martin Siebenhaar (Pato). Her song “white lilies” was featured on Hotel Costes, vol. 10  a compilation CD mixed by Stephane Pammpugnac.

in general, Trolle Sibenhaar- very good idea for a presnt. Such as:

* Where the wild things are ( soundtrack), *Mew * Blue Foundation ( first and second cd)

“Season distaster”

December 17, 2009 Leave a comment

Last year, approximately at this time, snow had fallen in England. I mean a little bit of snow, maximum 5 cm. This was called a “weather crisis”, “season disaster” and so on. Children did not go to school, people did not leave their houses.

As a huge snow lover it came as a big surprise to me. Coming from a country where snow in winter is something normal and actually wanted in big amounts.

Fortunately ithad snowed last night- in big amounts. World is pretty and white. And Danes seem to enjoy it.

By Zoe Beutler:

snow in tietgen

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Stay at home

December 16, 2009 Leave a comment

Fortunately, unfortunately, I live just next to Bella Center, what means being updated with everything that is happening, especially logistically. And I can tell you one thing: from the moment I woke up the only thing I hear is helicopters and sirens… Apparently all the prime ministers and “big fish” delegates are coming today to Copenhagen to actually FIX the climate and it seems like a bit of stressfull pill to take.

Also Bella Center became quite crowded, a friend of mine told me that the queues to get in were few km long and people were waiting for even 7-9 hours to get in what ended up in an unpleasent mood of the crowd…

So I suggest to keep far away from it, maybe read about it but not get into the MILL because I can tell you from my balcony- Crazy it is indeed.

Just go through the entertaining pages on the blog and you will find things to watch and listen to and just RELAX.

Let it not affect you  ( I woke up thinking about bomb attacks but I guess it is the kind of “oh my God we have a war” thinking given to me from my grandparents.. ).


– relax.

What is wrong with people? Climate conference

December 15, 2009 3 comments

Seriously? Seriously? Today, 8.30 am. Here I am in the tube going to pass my exam and there is an announcement: ” The metro will not stop at the Bella Center because it is too crowded due to acreditation”.

I really do understand that climate is important, but.. 8.30 in the morning? really really? Fortunately I was going in the opposite direction.

Another anecdote: when buying a weekly ticket for public transport I was asked- “what zones do you need?” I said: “1 and 3”. The man said with a proud voice: “to Bella Center?”Then I said proudly myself: ” No, actually Orestad”. And I got a reply that almost made me crawl with laughter on the floor: “Oh, you are not one of THEM”.


Therefore, there are apparently people and people in Copenhagen these weeks: normal people and climate conference people. What if you are both?

GOGOL BORDELLO tonight, 7pm. Radhuspladsen.

More Balkan spirit in a more “traditional” way:

And if you are really into Balkan spirit, there is a Balkan party in Warsaw this Wednesday, that means tomorrow. Details- contact me.

EARTH HOUR tomorrow at 19 we are switching off lights: