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Move it!

January 20, 2010 Leave a comment

The band MOVITS! was founded in 2007 and had already released an album that is a mix of swing and hip-hop. Weirdly as it sounds, one will quickly say that it is not strange but indeed very catchy. Those Swedish boys are already becoming successsful and definitely well-known. This is their single Appelknyckar Jazz ( Apple Swiper Jazz) with a great video. AppelknyckarJazz is also a title of their first Album.

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January 19, 2010 Leave a comment

We’re trying to sort everything out. First of all, flights here and there, holidays ( it’s a high time, haha, crazy), appointments with friends, catching up etc. We also plan- future seems to be in our hands, the problem is that only a minority knows what to really do with it.

Due to many circumstances I had recently spent a majority of time at home recovering from hard work, Christmas, New Years, bad news and not really looking forward to what is ahead of me.  I saw mainly bad movies and only few good ones. I came up to the point that I really do think that romantic comedies do not have to be good- they will just earn money. Just put a famous name on the poster and the success is guaranteed.

If you want to see what is out there- click on ” Recent” and “still to see” becuase they had been slightly updated.

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January 18, 2010 Leave a comment

I never really understood carnival. You can get dressed-up, put a mask on your face and be cheerful. Life seems colorful etc., you have to eat special ‘carnival’ sweets that I absolutely… detest. It is a very good occassion to participate in parties with a dressed-up theme. There is no code, you just have to become someone, or something else. At the last one I was a COUCH. My friends were: a COW, a FRIED EGG, a GENIE, HOMER ( Simpsons) and maaany more. See how inventive you can be? Looking for more this kind of entertainment!


Genie & a Fried Egg

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January 16, 2010 1 comment

I keep seraching and listening to new things and this is great: POlish band singing in POlish with amazing lyrics- for the ones who lack the knowledge of Polish language it has absolutely no meaning;)

The band HEY with Kasia Nosowska as a main singer had released new album in October 2009 called : ” Uwaga! Miłóśc! Ratunku! Pomocy!”- meaning ” Watch out! Love! Help!”. Its truly great.

The newest video starring Polish actor Paweł Małaszyński is not compreheensible for me, but maybe one day I will get it :

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Flying snow

January 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Warsaw is currently over-snowed. Despite the problems everything seems to run as usual. Except pedestrians being almost unable to walk, cars getting stuck in between the ‘snow walls’ etc. How much of snow there is? Well, 25-30 cm approx. It is not little, it is something. And still, we seem to manage.

Countries such as UK, Spain or France, not used to these kind of conditions are experiencing some problems. Especially when it comes to communication. Flights delayed or not even flying. Everything paralysed. For Central-Eastern it is hard to believe.

Friends of mine flying allover- Spain/France/UK somehow managed to do it. However, if you get stuck on an airport with almost nothing to do at some point you will have to eat. There are few points about Copenhagen Airport Catering:

*little variety of food services

Sas airlines


*not tasty

In short: a disaster. One of the best Airports when it comes to food services I had encountered so far is London Heathrow Terminal 5: a vast variety and good (expensive, but still, it is an airport).

So if you plan to fly somewhere and you see there is snow outside, get yourself some homemade sandwiches with whatever you like best and just take it on board. Not only you can do it, it is the only survivor tip that you really need!

Fiu Fiu! ( Well,Well)

January 10, 2010 Leave a comment

Denmark is all-around. Soon there is going to be a screening of a Danish movie, we also have a shop selling Scandinavian clothes: Odd Molly, HunkyDory, Ilse Jacobsen.. Everything is there, its pretty and located in Hotel Europejski right in the centre of Warsaw in the direction of old town.

Stop  by and have a look- until the 31st of January they have 50% sale! ( good, because it’s hard to afford these pretty clothes in these prices!)


fiu fiu

Subway= underground

January 7, 2010 1 comment


Yes we can ( as Obama once said)! Well, I have been travelling here and there and I will tell you one thing : food is crucial when you are travelling. You eat because you have to, you eat because you are in a new place and above all because you are BORED.

This is how we end up choosing what we like the best from fast foods. I mean the slower fast foods ( not McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC etc.). We are talking about : Pret-a-manger, Starbuck’s and Subway ( and maaany more). I mention these three because somehow they are stuck in my head:

*Pret-a manger has very good slower fast-food ( coffee ok-ish)

pret-a-manger sandwich

*Starbuck’s– absolutely no idea why it got so famous. They offer coffee drinks with a coffee taste but I guess thay have nice logo. On the other hand : who can tell me about Starbuck’s phenomena? I have no clue.

* and SUBWAY.


The latter is astonishing sandwich-making place, where they make you think that you decide what you eat and you eat fresh stuff. You choose: bread, type of sandwich, with cheese or without, and then the vegetables and sauce. Nightmare. Too many choices. I had chosen one and stuck to it ( 15 inch veggy delite, cheese, everything apart from onion and pepper with southern sauce- see? I learned it by heart).

I have to tell you that Subway is expanding! They made it in the center of Copenhagen just near Norreport station few months ago and they had opened recently 2 new ones in Warsaw. The one in Copenhagen, however, is a really grimm place. I have no idea why. The interior, no music, it’s somehow empty and emotionless. And maybe it is how it is supposed to be: just eat and go.


1. Sandwiches always over toasted

2. Coke has no bubbles and is watery. Apart from that there is nothing more you can spoil, can you?

Plus’s? Well, it’s cheap. If you have to choose McDonald’s or Subway choose the latter, Between McDonalds and Burger King choose the former.