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Bread for the people

February 26, 2010 Leave a comment

If one is struggling to find a way to be wealthy and happy we have a solution: bake bread. What is striking about the bread in Denmark is that it is extremely expensive. I mean not like twice expensive- it’s three or four times more than in other countries like Greece/Poland even Switzerland. We do not know the reason for it- I guess flour must be expensive etc. However, the thing is, everybody eats bread. It is the most basic thing in every kitchen. Therefore one would thing it should be cheap ( i.e. in Libya bread is subsidized by the government so that every person can afford it- probably 2dkk for a whole loaf).

Now, here’s the deal: if you have to buy bread that is soooo expensive, just get a nice one. 2 or 5 dkk do not make a difference.

We suggest this one :

It is situated at Norrebrogade 42. Really nice bread and cosy atmosphere – you can also have a coffee there. More homely than Lagkagehuset or Emmerys. One would think it is unique and one would be mistaken- there are two more bakeries in Copenhagen http://www.detrenebrø This is ours though- soon we will become friends with the owners!

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Neighbourhood Exploration

February 23, 2010 Leave a comment

We had decided to do some neighborhood exploration and finally make the ultimate ranking- what is good/bad/overpriced/worthy etc. This time we had chosen to see what the Indian restaurants have to offer- somehow we had a craving for this kind of cuisine and one of us had actually been to India what helps in telling how original the food actually is.

Our target: Natraj Indisk Restaurant ( just by Laundromat

Score: good ( 4/6)

Interior: Indian oldschool

papadam and mango lassi

a variety of dishes

don’t be deceived by the small plates- the amount of food was perfect, nobody went out hungry!

Lund- ultimate student experience

February 21, 2010 Leave a comment

Lund is a town located 15 minutes fro Malmo, what makes it about and hour way from Copenhagen ( taking into consideration a 10 minute stop in Malmo). Lund is famous for its excellent university founded in 1666. It is a small, student village with great spirit and atmosphere- somehow it has a feel of this nobel place with its nations- student organizations taking care of student life. 13 nations offer not only parties but also movie nights and excellent brunches after a whole night entertainment. Certainly different than Copenhagen student life, Lund gives you an opportunity to feel young and crazy. Just have a look at the photos and playlist of the weekend and you will know what I am talking about.


brunch at Kalmar nation


* MGMT “Kids”

*MANDO DIAO ” Dance with somebody”

*KEISHA ” Tik Tok”

*BEYONCE ” Single Ladies”

enough, you have an idea now…

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Being Retro

February 19, 2010 2 comments

One does not have to mention that being retro or oldschool is currently in fashion. There are possibly many reasons for it: we already know it, gives us a warm feeling of tradition, something we had already encountered. It is similarly with Cafe Retro: located in one of the oldest parts of Copenhagen makes us see not only a nice cafe but also great surroundings! Recommended for a nice coffee or a spot for a meeting ( i.e. a French lesson).


location: Knabrostræde 26, 1210 København K

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Dazed. Confused. Dizzy?

February 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Our talented friends are trying to make it in the big world. Dazed&Confused are looking for  the ultimate illustrator and challenged many artists to draw one of their covers. The results are astonishing yet sometimes very surprising.

Our friend is one of them-

Good luck! You can check it out here and compare it with the others. What do you think?

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Fashion week is over.

February 14, 2010 Leave a comment

The slogan of the last few days was: ” It’s all about fashion!” and it indeed was in many of ways. This does not only mean clothes- it means good/bad/interesting attitude. It is certain that a big part of the past few days were fashion shows. I happened to be on 2 just by chance- somehow the whole idea of watching a catwalk did not seem really crucial to me.

*Minimarket ( ) was held in Rasdhus which was a great experience- clash of new and old, colorful clothes and kind of greyish surrounding. The show itself was simple – no special effects. Just fashion. Clothes had really simple lines, great cutd and colors- sometimes the combination of them felt a bit awkward but it wasn’t!

Minimarket was awarded the best designer of Elle awards and if they keep doing what they do we can be certain that their fame is soon gonna get big and international.

* Henrik Vibskov ( ) a Danish designer that caught my interest at the very beginning. He is a graduate of Saint Martins in London and he had established a brand that is more than just clothes- it is more like a theatre of a simpler version than John Galliano. However , it is certainly a combination of art and practicality what makes the clothes a not-that-usual-clothing ( it is more eccentri pret-a-porter).

He is known for his great shows: with installations, usually psychodelic music. This time was not an exception, he offered the audience an extraordinary experience that will stay in their minds.

When it comes to the fashion- judge for yourselves. A combination of tradition with latest trends was pleasant for the sight.

Tea Paper Release Party in Bad Taste

February 13, 2010 5 comments

Promising looking event that we decided to attend turned out to be one of the greatest disappointments since we are in Copenhagen. Probably due to our lack of familiarity with the hosts we could not get inside. Everyone else in huge hordes were flooding the entrance. Greetings, kisses, shaking hands while the rest could only watch and smile.

Finally we had reached the 2nd floor where the party was held and however the music was good, the spirits were really down.

We have advice for Tea Paper Magazine- if you want to be a really good, professional magazine, you have to be more organized. If you tell people that it is a closed party- announce it from the beginning. And finally respect- for yourselves and the others. Clearly there is problem with it.

Good luck in whatever you do and do it well. After what we saw we can only say that so far it is in Bad Taste.