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Not only “Larousse Gastronomique”

Food brings people together- so it was in this case. Daniel Penn, food science student, decided to bring to people recipes that he particularly likes. The whole thing is called a “Good Grub” and it says pretty much everything.

As food lovers we could not miss this out: cookbook release with samples of food from the recipes in the book made by the author himself, sounded more than inviting. So we did try:
*mini kanelsnegls
*chocolate chip cookies
*pop corn in a cinnamon & caramel variations.
The crowd gathered in a small bar around Nyhavn, Monobar, hidden in a picturesque yard. The atmosphere was as it should be on Sunday- relaxed and very family-like. The host was particularly sociable, making sure that everyone is fine and that everything is at its place. Even unfortunate event of burning a basket did not stop anyone from enjoying the atmosphere.

When it comes to book itself few things have to be mentioned: thumbs up for the effort and idea (book included a CD with songs that should accompany the cooking, unfortunately the CDs themselves had not arrived yet). However, the whole thing seems to be more of a project than a serious deal- the book is actually a brochure bringing the notes of the author with the pictures mastered by an Art student- Samantha Taylor. As we flicked it through, we missed more recipes for something that is not sweet.

We are waiting for more. As we could guess from the author’s energy we will not wait long for another project. It makes me jealous- I will start writing my cookbook tonight!

See event here

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