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Hello CPH!

Everytime I meet the Hello Cph crew we do something new and exciting. This time we had a photoshoot ( still a bit of a hush-hush thing) and coffee in Cafe Dyrehaven. Really oldschool place- one has a feeling that is disturbing the hunters in their weekendly escapade to the forest when you enter this cosmic space from another times ( 60s/70s). Nice coffee, food seemed good ( I just had a croissant and it is highly recommendable!) and the prices were not to high.


Then we had a trouble looking for a present for another member of Hello Copenhagen crew that had joined recently and already had a great energy input into the whole dynamics.

The first idea was a poster from an exhibition at the V1 Gallery in the Meatpacking District, showing the work of a young British artist and called ” The body language”. Very very good impressions, however, no poster.

Due to the fact that our friend likes music and calls himself a dj, we thought we might get him a vinyl record, what required going to a record store. It turned out to be also a cafe. The name of it indicates it clearly : Kaffe and Vinyl. We found what we were looking for, and biked all in different directions. Thankfully the weather was nice and we got to spend it outside with friends, coffee and bikes- pure essence of Copnehagen


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