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We have a neighbour, we call him Tropical (due to his taste in music). He made us believe yet again, that Danish people are not only polite and friendly but also full of passion and interests. The other day we were throwing a birthday party for our friend and when the time came, we started exploring deeper Norrebro with our neighbour and his friends.  It was great, because without him, we would not feel like the part of this group- solely Danish people and as I remember a hip-hop battle at the Saxons.

Saxons is a bar on Jagtvej 71, just a street going from Norrebro Rundel. Cheap drinks, cosy, a bit of graffitti and as we happen to get to knoe- nice people.

We also know, that by the building where Saxon’s is situated, there is a whole. Clearly a building has been demolished. And it was not an ordinary building- it was a space for cultural purposes for young people. Supposedly there was a lot of building of this kind, but the city did not allow them anymore.

Apparently there is also a movie about it.

As our neighbour told us: Norrebro is not the same as it was. It is not so colorful anymore.

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Loppemarked at the Meatpacking District

Looking back at this it was perfect. Let me say this again: per-fect! Just another Saturday afternoon, with the slight change- the weather was indeed tropical. Everything just seems to look better when it is sunny outside and you can finally forget your warm jackets and long boots.It is true what they say: once the summer starts in Copenhagen, it is so beautiful that you do not want to leave it.

We hopped on our bikes, had a nice bike ride to the Vesterbro area and reached the Meatpacking District where the flea market was taking place. It did not look big, but as we had discovered it was full of interesting things. Everybody got something: hats, sweaters, tshirts and a sun tan.

We fell in love with Copenhagen again.

See event here

Stop the human meatmarket

This was not an ordinary party- Art Against Injustice was indeed a cultural experience gathering people to talk about the issue of Human Trafficking. It was a fusion of art, photography and music and one could really enjoy all of them.

While entering the area of the Meatpacking District, into a specific niche where Jolene, Karriere Bar, V1 Gallery and Kontrafarme are located, we could see a crowd. Not only we saw it, we also heard very moving, ballad- like music.

Due to good weather conditions whole event was taking place outside, including art battle and photo exhibition of 10 Danish and international photographers who conceptualized the issue of Human Trafficking.

There was also a lottery happening (truly exciting goodies) from which all the money went directly to This was indeed serious fun that we should all appreciate.

See event here

Nick Cave was Fint! oops FIT:)

admiring paintings of Nick Cave

This was a special occasion: a book release consisting of ten tributes to Nick Cave entitled all together “‘Begær, Mord og Gud”,what literally means “Lust, Murder and God”. Everything was happening in a former petrol station turned into a space for creativity and good spirit called FIT ( to find out more: Location is also great- deeper in the Norrebro district, surrounded by houses, feels like a you are a part of a parallel universe.

To these who did not make it: well, the book would not be of a great fun to you, because it was in Danish. However, the crowd was particularly interesting- different ages, different styles, all gathered to talk about the artist.

heroes of the evening ( Sticker Svin)

What has to be underlined the most was the music- truly great job by Sticker Svin and his colleague, who at some point started wearing kind of Halloween masks making everybody sway away. Just to give you a gist of how it was: imagine remixes of Miike Snow “Animal” and  Cassius “Toop Toop”.
And portraits of Nick Cave all around.

See event here

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Winter in May in Cph.

Well, we are experiencing winter. It’s between 5-10 degrees and it’s really grey grey grey. So we mostly enjoy the company of our friends cooking away. We might be serious competition to, with our stuffed peppers and meat balls, chocolate cookies or tiramisu.

We watch movies, listen to music and have very intellectual talks. The outcome can be found in the pages RECENT and STILL TO SEE.

Fortunately we have visitors with whom we go out, explore the city in a different dimension wearing absolutely all sweaters we could find.

We’re waiting for the warmth! To check Cph weather from the satellite go to : Weather in Copenhagen

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action hygge.

We had already established that the neighborhood of 2200 is great, this event only confirmed what we already knew: Copenhageners like family spirit, music, beer and good cakes.

There are 2 streets of this kind in Norrebro ( probably there are more but these are the most recognizable): Blågårdsgade and Jaegersborggade. What they have in common is this kind of warmth and closeness of a community where everybody feels welcome. The latter one ‘throws’ events literally on the street probably more often than Blågårdsgade but they also have a lesser impact. What we experienced on the Street Festival was live music with great bands, colorful decorations, people of different ages dancing and having chats what made everybody feel as a part of a community.

Surprisingly, the party was going on for the whole day as the organizers predicted: it was the same spirit from 14 until midnight; only the sky had changed its color. We loved it!

See the event

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Graffiti as Art

It was a rare occasion: seldom does it happen that a work of a graffiti artist is presented in an actual gallery. This was such an event and what we expected is graffiti in a form of paintings nicely and orderly presented on the walls.

The event in Sankt Hans Gade 19 was visible from far away- quite a big crowd gathered outside of the “We are related” Gallery having chats, sipping beers. It was a particular crowd; one could easily say that they knew what graffiti is and were familiar with the “GH” ( Ghost’s famous Tag in the NYC Subway).

The exhibition was exactly what we expected: colorful graffiti forms in a more organized way ( our favorites were those made on actual subway leaflets). We could say: ” we kinda liked it but it didn’t kill us”. What we missed was a diversity of styles that we know that Ghost is capable of ( just go on ) but on the other hand the whole exhibition was amazingly coherent. Despite everything, the question whether Graffiti is ART will stay unsolvable…!

See event here

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