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I am a Tenenbaum

December 11, 2009 Leave a comment

Recent times are not allowing us to do much more then stick our noses in the books. However, we need breaks to get some fresh air ( and this does not mean a cigarette!). Quick Christmas shopping- the best break in the current situation. If you know what you want for presents for you friends- easier, if you don’t.. well.. let me give you some tips:

1) books. always good. 2 excellent bookshops- one opposite the “student house”- architecture, fashion, culture (1st floor),  second, near Sankt Peders Straede “Atheneum” ( )- philosophy and fiction.

2) Urban Outfitters- many weird, funny, silly stuff, a bit too expensive though

3) vintage shops- maaannnyyy in Copenhagen, one very cool, cheap and not-that-super-cool ( after Subway near Norreport station turn left and keep going and you will find it on your right side, just go downstairs).

posting presentss

However, Christmas is about getting into family spirit and this is what made me watch ” The Royal Tenenbaums”. First I got a link to this song from my Parisian friend ( yes Vesna, you!):

but then I thought: what is this movie with Gwyneth Paltrow and I got an immedaite response: The Royal Tenenbaums, and ” you have to watch it”. And I did- crazy family arrengments with a bit of literary angle, all in all and well. I would say- good to get in Christmas spirit. Next to Judy Garland and ” Meet me in St Louis” ( this is a Christmas must!).


Climate madness

December 2, 2009 Leave a comment

Do not get scared or surprised when suddenly landing in Copenhagen you will be surrounded by mere thousands of adverts about sustainable energy. It is all for a good case (at least this is what everybody promise). The madness did not start quite yet, although you can feel the excitement around. The beginning 7th of December, Bella Center. I will not report on it – only if something major happens ( i.e. my door will be blocked by antiglobalists). If you are interested, just go on the website of



and preferably buy a t-shirt also becoming a “citizen of Hopenhagen”.

Second is the official site COP15 United Nations:

From houmoristic accents: Polish prime minister Donald Tusk apologizing for not stopping the climate change ( Action at Copenhagen Airport- Tusk is among Zapatero and Sarkozy, curious…)

Donald Tusk

Fight for the Climate

November 13, 2009 Leave a comment

Some optimism first:

Well, it is coming. Long waited Climate Conference held in Copenhagen:

United Nations Climate Change Conference December 7- December 18

to find out more go on page:

To see events connected with “the Climate Change Times” you can see it here:

let the discussion begin!

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October 25, 2009 Leave a comment

So here we are on this Sunday afternoon, thinking about doing something constructive. We do know that working at home does not always help our efficiency (distractions, i.e. : fridge, laptop, newspaper etc.). We come up with a perfect idea: LIBRARY. And… nothing. There is an exisitng problem: libraries in Copenhagen do not work on Sunday. They give us this blissful free day (concerning everything: shopping of any kind, some cafes) not taking into account that Sunday is actually a perfect day to catch up with your work. Well, there is one library… CBS (Copenhagen Business School) Library ( Frederiksberg Metro Station)- those people value knowledge, cause afterall its economics running our world, isn’t it? If you are not a part of the “clique” you will have to sneek in and not show off with what you are working on.

During the week there are 3 picks:

*Den Sorte Diamant (Søren Kierkegaards Plads 1, 1219 København‎ – 3347 4363‎)- the most famous library due to its excellent location. Situated by the canal in the mystic “Slosholmen”area it actually resembles a “black diamond”. Finished in 1999 it is joined to the Royal Library from the 19th century. I highly recommend the last room on the first floor in the old part- we call it “Harry Potter room”. Great atmosphere to study.

Diamond Library

Diamond Library on a sunny day

*Humanities Library ( Njalsgade 80, 2300 København‎ – 3532 8046‎)- brand new library at Islands Brygge part of University. Very spacious with a lot of light. Modern spirit. Quite the opposite of the Diamond Library.



*Social Sciences Library ( Gothersgade 140, 1123 Kobenhavn K)- situated in the old Botanik building ( it is surrounded by amazing Botanic gardens), just opposite the main city Campus (CSS). It is an old building with many reading rooms that you can get lost in and also a space when can you make your own coffee ( in the basement!).

Using library is another mistery- many cards, including photocopy card and above all CPR number ( they will have you in their system). Keen stuff will try to explain it to you. Sometimes it works.

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