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Pretty petty things

November 18, 2009 Leave a comment

I got a very warm feeling yesterday, not because I was cosy in my bed, because I realized that the Christmas is coming. What I like in Denmark that you can slowly see it but it is not forced: Christmas decorations are modest, homely but very stylish in the same time. Christmas coming= present getting. It does not mean quality, it means quantity. For me the best presents are the ones I kind of invent: thinking about the persons passions, interests and characteristics. I had many ideas and many reactions of people who got the presents for me. One of them was even jumping on the street ( the present was a jar of muesli- see? seems nothing special, but it was for that person).

I made a list of people and ideas for them. I still have time. Better to do it earlier to enjoy the process of making and not to be in ruch just before the Christmas.

Supposedly girls are easier target, but are they? I decided to make individual pieces of jewelery for my friends and siblings,so they can be original. This shop helped me a lot, but… If you think it is easy you are more than wrong. With a friend of mine we had spent there 1,5 h to figure out how to make an earring…. But you get great help from the staff as well as you have sample pieces to look at ( you can also buy them).

1001 PERLE

website in many languages+ actual directions

inside of 1001 perle

what I managed to get

small achievement

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