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Writers in CPH

November 9, 2009 Leave a comment

It seems that Danish people read and they read a lot. Many bookshops and their popularity are a proof of that. It is a phenomenon in these days, where you can read things on-line and it is too expensive to buy a book of your own. Popularity of or Ebay are growing, bookshops are shutting down. It is a shame.

Therefore it is even more amazing to see writers themselves giving a speech about their work. There is a writer coming to Copenhagen: MONICA ALI. She is a British writer of Bangladesh origin. Her first novel ” Brick Lane” became a bestseller and was turned into a movie:

She realised a new book ” In the Kitchen”.

Gabriel, a chef from the North of England, dreams of his own restaurant, but is resigned to proving himself in a busy London hotel. Meanwhile, a death in the hotel basement exposes the precarious existence of the undocumented immigrants who take on the unglamorous work that makes everything run smoothly, and Gabe finds himself entangled with a young Belarusan woman forced into prostitution. Ali has taken on a number of big ideas: mental health, immigration, the bubble economy. But the novel wears its influences—“Kitchen Confidential,” anti-slavery reports—heavily, and many of the characters feel more like object lessons than like personalities. The feeling is only heightened by some cliché-ridden prose: “They had to dance on their toes today, and that was the truth. He wasn’t taking a bullet for anyone.” THE NEW YORKER

Come to Diamond Library on Thursday, 12.11.2010 at 20:00 to listen how she creates her works.

Link to the event:


Monica Ali at Diamond Library


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