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November 13, 2009 3 comments

A few friends came over last weekend.We were sightseeing and suddenly found out that we are starving. We had to do something quick about it. Being in a central location of Stroget we did not really know where to go. We had a hot-dog option but we decided to leave it for later when all other ideas would be impossible. We had 2 thoughts: areas of Stroget is a bit expensive, we did not want to risk it, we had gone to Straedet.

I mentioned it before- a nice street with bars and boutiques parallel to Stroget. We were hoping to find something there. Options were plenty but there were noticable differences to what we got used to.First of all, the places were at least 20 dkk more expensive, as well as “more fancy”- designer, colder interior.

We took a risk : ZIRUP CAFE. Somebody recommended it to me before. Prices ok-ish for a Saturday afternoon, busy. We had our hopes high. We ordered ordinary sandwiches + nachos with some special garnish. Nachos were a blast- but they always are. Then we had spent 50 minutes having a nice conversation occasionally wondering where was our food.

Ha, the waitress was actually the best: very snotty, she was a bit unhappy to serve us. Most of the service was like this: you felt they are stuck up and you are trully being a guest if not a burden.

Sandwiches arrived: they were what we needed because they were food. They were very plein, only looked a bit nicer than the sandwiches you would get in ordinary bars/ take-away places. Nothing special I would say.

Advice: better starve and try to get a quick way to get away to eat somewhere where it is really worth it.




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