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Christmas at Christiania

December 9, 2009 Leave a comment

Everybody knows CHristiania. A place that exists just for itself and people that live there. Nothing else metters. And it is wonderful. It takes a while to discover it, it is truly a different world.

Somehow by accident we managed to get to know a cafe-bar Operaen just by the “main street” of Christiania.

First floor, you open the doors and you find yourself in a completely different world! And if you are a friend of a couchsurfer you can also get a free pancake ( there are couchsurfer events organized there usually on Mondays).

cowboy toilet

Interior of Operaen

And because the times are hard and unoptimistic here we have a very true song: “You can’t always get what you want”:


Keep discovering

November 19, 2009 Leave a comment

Cities are likeĀ  an alive mass that changes but usually we do not notice that. It is worth having walks in your favorite places to see what had changed and what is still there. This is especially true for developing countries, but maybe also for Copenhagen?

I was trying to find one of another yet libraries, this time in Christianhavn. I am there quite often but usually take the same, boring way to get to my destinations. And here I had found a yet another *magical* hidden corner. First of all it is a very old part- you feel like you are in different times. Second of all it is a corner of nice-looking cafes and bars with a not-so-hip clientele ( in comparison to Norrebro, Elmegade, lets say)



Directions: location

Places to still discover:


*Eiffel Bar (

some Sandwich shops and Italian restaurants. You can combine it with a visit to Danish Architecture Center which is just neer-by!