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Fashion week is over.

February 14, 2010 Leave a comment

The slogan of the last few days was: ” It’s all about fashion!” and it indeed was in many of ways. This does not only mean clothes- it means good/bad/interesting attitude. It is certain that a big part of the past few days were fashion shows. I happened to be on 2 just by chance- somehow the whole idea of watching a catwalk did not seem really crucial to me.

*Minimarket ( ) was held in Rasdhus which was a great experience- clash of new and old, colorful clothes and kind of greyish surrounding. The show itself was simple – no special effects. Just fashion. Clothes had really simple lines, great cutd and colors- sometimes the combination of them felt a bit awkward but it wasn’t!

Minimarket was awarded the best designer of Elle awards and if they keep doing what they do we can be certain that their fame is soon gonna get big and international.

* Henrik Vibskov ( ) a Danish designer that caught my interest at the very beginning. He is a graduate of Saint Martins in London and he had established a brand that is more than just clothes- it is more like a theatre of a simpler version than John Galliano. However , it is certainly a combination of art and practicality what makes the clothes a not-that-usual-clothing ( it is more eccentri pret-a-porter).

He is known for his great shows: with installations, usually psychodelic music. This time was not an exception, he offered the audience an extraordinary experience that will stay in their minds.

When it comes to the fashion- judge for yourselves. A combination of tradition with latest trends was pleasant for the sight.


Time’s Up- Thumbs Up.

February 12, 2010 Leave a comment

For the ones who are not in the fashion topic I am announcing that the Copenhagen Fashion Week had already kicked off at the 10th of February and it’s gonna be in our lives until Sunday. Somehow it is not as frustrating as the Climate Conference- it is not omnipresent, not so visible. It seems that the fashionistas are just not so talkative. And getting into their world is highly entertaining.

Few days ago we had visited a launch of the webpage of a Vintage Shop ” Time’s Up”. It is not an ordinary vintage shop with just some old clothes that need renovation- its assortiment includes the best of brands and great styles. The shop can be found also in reality at Krystalgade 4, 1172 Copenhagen N, and the site is here:

We had indulged ourselves in free drinks and very interesting surrounding of this probably old gallery looking at all the people who like to play with fashion. It was a lot of amusement and we have to admit that we were not on the list. We simply walked in- charms or good looks?



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