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October 28, 2009 Leave a comment

Today was all about food. Well, almost. Day started with trying to figure out the modern condition and transformation of modernity to finally end up wondering around streets in Copenhagen to find some quality food to welcome friends for a birthday feast. It turned out to be about bread and meat- with additional greens and Greek treats. It made me think that finding what you really want when it comes to food in a foreign country is excessively hard. However, there are ways to manage:


1) Slagteren pa Kultorvet ( Frederiksborggade 4 -1360 Kbh K )- just next to the Norreport station this butcher is absolutely magnificent. Unfortunately quite pricy but the quality is excellent. You are being offered some samples to try and butchers are very helpful when you are undecided. I would actually say they are being seductive, but who doesn’t like to be seduced in a meat shop? My personal favourite is JENS the butcher. Talk to him and you will discover meat wonders.

2)Butcher opposite Granola Cafe ( Vaernedamsvej, Frederiksberg)- typical Danish butcher. Not a lot to offer, but when it does it is really good. You can also buy wine that will fit to your meat choice, olives and some other treats. This is more about pork. But when you prefer something like beef and lamb then…

3)HALAL SLAGTERS ( the best at Blegdamsvej, Norrebro)- these butchers of Muslim origin offer only beef and lamb (chicken in the freezers…) but when this is good quality then it is absolutely delicious. This particular one has beef&lamb sausages with mint and harissa ( veeerryyy spicy Arabic paste)- if you like to feel hot then it is something for you.

However, when it comes to bread and pastries the choices are limited. I am more of a “French type”- I prefer nice and delicate instead or hard and heavy breads ( except rye bread). There are two picks, well actually one:


1)!!!! LAGKAGEHUSET by Christianhavn metro station. It is absolutely the best: breads, sandwiches, pastries and tarts with raspberries. Heaven, accept quite pricy heaven. Good for a weekend breakfast treat with your friends.

Lagkagehuset Christianhavn

You will not regret

2) EMMERYS (Norrebrogade 8, 2200 Kobenhavn- only one of the places where you can find it)- chain of pricy organic breads. Good, but overrated.