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Crazy Danes

November 10, 2009 Leave a comment


We had wanted to see this movie for a while now. Many people had been telling us about it: groundbreaking, inspirational… And it was. Technically it is a story about a young boy ( 22/23) who finisheshis college and decides to abandon all material posessions and just live according to nature rules. He enjoyes everything that gives him freedom ( when he is paddling down a very rough rever I can actually feel his excitenment). Not a lot of things happen in the movie- its more about what he thinks and reads and he reads good stuff.

How is it connected to Cph? Well, when he paddles down the river a couple calls him to join them because they have hot dogs. Then we see a blonde guy and a topless woman who turn out to be from.. COPENHAGEN. They are orange and crazy. Nice touch.

Resolutions after seeing ” Into the Wild”:

*go wild for not more than 2 months

*always have a “safety pillow” such as.. any form of contact with people

*talk to people ( well, that is tru always)

* tell the closest that you love them

*read Tolstoy’s ” Family Happiness”.



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