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France meets Denmark

December 13, 2009 Leave a comment

Yesterday was a big day. Climate conference took another turn- this time we had a demonstration that apparently ended in some riots ( as my journalist friend told me around 40 people got arrested and nobody injured). Whole this mess came completely unnoticeable for me. Why? Because in 10 minutes I had moved to France and I will tell you how.

My best friend and her sister came over for one day only ( my b.f. studies in Lund) and we had to be very organized. I had sent them on a canal tour and when they came abck it was already dark and they were starving. Our next point of destination was Cafe Sommersko ( menu and address: – we wanted to treat ourselves a bit. It was recommended by another friend of mine so I thought- last chance to try it.

interior of sommersko

We had moved to France. All the dishes were typically French ( maybe not all of them but a great deal was): Croque Monsieur, Salade Chevre Chaud, Moules Frites, Steak au Sauce Bernaise… I could go without looking at Danish descriptions to know what they offer. Well, it was very good. But as an-almost-French-snob I would say that it could be a *bit* better ( well, at least the things I know from France are a bit different). Lets not exaggerate then and say that it was veeerryyy good for Danish standard! And interior is also a French/Danish style. So are waiters who tell you that you should eat something with something and that your choice was completely wrong.

Well, no wonder that all this madness just did not occur to me. Apparently I was 2 hours in France. Then my relatives started calling me from all around the world to check if everything is fine, but it was. How could it not be- Sommersko is the best hiding place!


Feel like a teenager

November 20, 2009 1 comment

My friend made an excellent diner yesterday: she presented Polish specialities “pierogi” in a great variety. The mixture of international guests made it more colorful: Swiss friend brought chocolate, Ecuadorian home treats, Greek made a salad, French indulged us with wine and Australian was just pure fun with coala bear on his chest.

After a splendid meal the latter convinced us to move somewhere else- bar/disco. The name was known to us for some reason and we decided to continue good evening. It was truly great- we felt like teenagers. Music, people, shots for 5 dkk, everything was like we remember it from high school. And the dj… probably British 45 year-old liking parties at Ibiza…

Want to feel like a teenager again? Highly recommended then! ( you will need a lot of alcohol to truly enjoy it… A fix of bear and fisk will make it for you)

KULOR BAR website:, near KONGENS NYTORV metro stop.

Kind of music? you have a sample here: