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Loppemarked at the Meatpacking District

Looking back at this it was perfect. Let me say this again: per-fect! Just another Saturday afternoon, with the slight change- the weather was indeed tropical. Everything just seems to look better when it is sunny outside and you can finally forget your warm jackets and long boots.It is true what they say: once the summer starts in Copenhagen, it is so beautiful that you do not want to leave it.

We hopped on our bikes, had a nice bike ride to the Vesterbro area and reached the Meatpacking District where the flea market was taking place. It did not look big, but as we had discovered it was full of interesting things. Everybody got something: hats, sweaters, tshirts and a sun tan.

We fell in love with Copenhagen again.

See event here


Stop the human meatmarket

This was not an ordinary party- Art Against Injustice was indeed a cultural experience gathering people to talk about the issue of Human Trafficking. It was a fusion of art, photography and music and one could really enjoy all of them.

While entering the area of the Meatpacking District, into a specific niche where Jolene, Karriere Bar, V1 Gallery and Kontrafarme are located, we could see a crowd. Not only we saw it, we also heard very moving, ballad- like music.

Due to good weather conditions whole event was taking place outside, including art battle and photo exhibition of 10 Danish and international photographers who conceptualized the issue of Human Trafficking.

There was also a lottery happening (truly exciting goodies) from which all the money went directly to This was indeed serious fun that we should all appreciate.

See event here

Colorful Weekend

December 7, 2009 2 comments

Meatpacking District Christmas Market was a very “warm experience”! Placed outdoors you could try very nice cheese from Spain and France, as well as amazing wines and glogg,of course. After that you could indulge yourself in some independent creations, some of them that we had found in an actual store “ART REBELS” was actually quite expensive..

We ended up on a glogg indoors- in a bar that we had always wanted to see, on the right corner of one of the buildings. The atmosphere was very charming, glogg very warming and people extremele nice. This is a remarkable memory from it :

A Family

Then we had headed to Tivoli, it was already dark and amazing. I also had a “cotton candy”, “candy floss” or however you call it, you know, the pink fluffy thing made of sugar that children enjoy immensely. At this point I was one of them. Especially a merry -go- round that I always wanted since I was 5.

Merry- go -round Tivoli

I think we got in a Christmas spirit. Maybe a bit too early.

Polish Christmas song. Without it Christmas is not Christmas

More International:

Make a *Karriere*

November 23, 2009 Leave a comment

We had guests again during this weekend and we decided to try the *industrial path*: We showed them what the meatpacking district is all about popping into 1)a bar 2)jolene and 3) karriere bar. The next day we had a visit at Carlsberg’s factory.

Meatpacking district is located below Istedgade in Vesterbro district ( really close from the central station Kobenhavn H). Former or still a bit existing place where the meat is packed and maybe a bit processed. Among all those warehouses during the weekends you can discover many clubs/bars with a bit of different style.

We had been to Jolene before ( always a surprise because it is always different music in there!), we were always wondering about Karriere Bar which is just near by. Usually we just get rejected due to their unexplainable rule of 21 or 23 years old barriere- our group is diversified therefore there is always someone with a lower age.

This time we made it and it was great. Beer, music etc.

amazing lamps in karriere bar

Actually, the age difference was quite visible. It looked as if the average was about 35/40 years old. However, the music was really good to have fun to and at about 2 o’clock it became packed.

If you ever get in there watch out for your belongings- despite sway looking suits and shirts sometimes your posession can get missing and the night is not as fun as it could be before.

Sample from last night: