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We have a neighbour, we call him Tropical (due to his taste in music). He made us believe yet again, that Danish people are not only polite and friendly but also full of passion and interests. The other day we were throwing a birthday party for our friend and when the time came, we started exploring deeper Norrebro with our neighbour and his friends.  It was great, because without him, we would not feel like the part of this group- solely Danish people and as I remember a hip-hop battle at the Saxons.

Saxons is a bar on Jagtvej 71, just a street going from Norrebro Rundel. Cheap drinks, cosy, a bit of graffitti and as we happen to get to knoe- nice people.

We also know, that by the building where Saxon’s is situated, there is a whole. Clearly a building has been demolished. And it was not an ordinary building- it was a space for cultural purposes for young people. Supposedly there was a lot of building of this kind, but the city did not allow them anymore.

Apparently there is also a movie about it.

As our neighbour told us: Norrebro is not the same as it was. It is not so colorful anymore.

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beef bourguignon

March 3, 2010 1 comment

As it was stated at the very beginning the aim of this blog is to bring to you not only fascinating places or events but most importantly- food. Exploration of our neighbourhood did not stop only on the Indian Restaurant. Already known to us Gefarlich had offered us only good drinks and fun. The time had come to try their cuisine.

What is funny already at the very beginning is that place has a German name, kind of French cuisine and all of this is in Denmark. The menu offers a lot of fish dishes as well as a bit of the meat ones.

the choices weren’t very varied this night: most of our group took fish and they were very pleased with is. Then we had also coq au vin and I had not heard the reactions because the people were just too far away to hear their comments. However, I went there to try the ultimate French dish: beef bourguingon that had become famous grace a Julia Child.  Quite heavy dish but just sooo tasty. However, the sauce was excellent, the meat was just too hard. Next time it’s gonna be better!

coq au vin

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Neighbourhood Exploration

February 23, 2010 Leave a comment

We had decided to do some neighborhood exploration and finally make the ultimate ranking- what is good/bad/overpriced/worthy etc. This time we had chosen to see what the Indian restaurants have to offer- somehow we had a craving for this kind of cuisine and one of us had actually been to India what helps in telling how original the food actually is.

Our target: Natraj Indisk Restaurant ( just by Laundromat

Score: good ( 4/6)

Interior: Indian oldschool

papadam and mango lassi

a variety of dishes

don’t be deceived by the small plates- the amount of food was perfect, nobody went out hungry!