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Where’d You Get Those? – Sneaker Banquet

November 7, 2009 Leave a comment

bobbito garcia

Where'd You Get Those? Bobbito Garcia

Thanks to “Hello Copenhagen” I managed to see another extraordinary event: A meeting of Sneaker Fans in one of the fanciest hotels in Copenhagen – Hotel d’Angleterre. My curiosity was huge: first of all, sneakers are something very ordinary nowadays, very casual fashion. And the meeting is held in a snobby lounge with great chandeliers and mirrors. A smile appeared on my face when Bobbito Garcia ( DJ Cucumberslice and formerly known as Bobbito The Barber, Make It Happen, Boogie Bob, Kool Bob Love, Soul Food Bob, and Bag of Tricks- don’t you just love this guy already?) stepped his feet on the scene. Track suit, sneakers a t-shirt, no baseball cap… He talked about his book about sneaker culture “Where’d you get those?”, his projects, he even presented a video with Fat Joe concerning his collection of sneakers. It sounded very American and somehow unimportant. But it might be the whole scenery taking over the speech itself.

As Bobbito said: tonight party at Rust with Dj Typhoon.

Sneaker fans in Hotel D'Angleterre

Sneaker fans in Hotel D'Angleterre