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Colorful Weekend

December 7, 2009 2 comments

Meatpacking District Christmas Market was a very “warm experience”! Placed outdoors you could try very nice cheese from Spain and France, as well as amazing wines and glogg,of course. After that you could indulge yourself in some independent creations, some of them that we had found in an actual store “ART REBELS” was actually quite expensive..

We ended up on a glogg indoors- in a bar that we had always wanted to see, on the right corner of one of the buildings. The atmosphere was very charming, glogg very warming and people extremele nice. This is a remarkable memory from it :

A Family

Then we had headed to Tivoli, it was already dark and amazing. I also had a “cotton candy”, “candy floss” or however you call it, you know, the pink fluffy thing made of sugar that children enjoy immensely. At this point I was one of them. Especially a merry -go- round that I always wanted since I was 5.

Merry- go -round Tivoli

I think we got in a Christmas spirit. Maybe a bit too early.

Polish Christmas song. Without it Christmas is not Christmas

More International:


“Tivoli is open”- Christmas is coming

December 6, 2009 1 comment

December came surprisingly fast and so is Christmas.  Festive celebrations are starting, summing up of what we did and what ought to do and more importantly what is that we really want to achieve. It is a good time to remember about the closest Рbeing with them, treating them with a small gift. Finding the right, special one is hard but we are trying.

Today we visited a street in Norrebro  Jaegersborgadde , full of independent shops offering a true feeling of Copenhagen. The event was precisely this: and we were expecting something more of an outdoor market. Somehow it was good that everything was inside ( cold weather + extreme tiredeness after having a Christmas/Polish/Danish celebrations last night) we had found many interesting places from which one was a HIT: CMYK KLD 51. An independent gallery run by an artist who is now selling works of her and her friends. Truly magical and you can find there excellent ideas for presents ( I got two excellent graphics in frames for a not high price!)


Tomorrow we are heading to the Meatpacking District to see what they offer. Hopefully I would be in a better state of mind to also take my camera with me. Event also can be found here: Looks like a lot of fun!

HINT: We also wanted to see Tivoli, supposedly one of the best times is actually Christmas. We had asked our Danish friend: “is Tivoli opened on Sunday? “. He replied smiling: “well, ‘TIvoli is open’ in a Danish spoken language means that your zip is opened… Be careful what you say!

– getting in the Christmas Spirit. “Santa Baby”, originally by Eartha Kitt, here sang by Macy Gray. ( I discovered Pussycat Dolls version as well… unforgettable [sarcasm] )