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Flying snow

January 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Warsaw is currently over-snowed. Despite the problems everything seems to run as usual. Except pedestrians being almost unable to walk, cars getting stuck in between the ‘snow walls’ etc. How much of snow there is? Well, 25-30 cm approx. It is not little, it is something. And still, we seem to manage.

Countries such as UK, Spain or France, not used to these kind of conditions are experiencing some problems. Especially when it comes to communication. Flights delayed or not even flying. Everything paralysed. For Central-Eastern it is hard to believe.

Friends of mine flying allover- Spain/France/UK somehow managed to do it. However, if you get stuck on an airport with almost nothing to do at some point you will have to eat. There are few points about Copenhagen Airport Catering:

*little variety of food services

Sas airlines


*not tasty

In short: a disaster. One of the best Airports when it comes to food services I had encountered so far is London Heathrow Terminal 5: a vast variety and good (expensive, but still, it is an airport).

So if you plan to fly somewhere and you see there is snow outside, get yourself some homemade sandwiches with whatever you like best and just take it on board. Not only you can do it, it is the only survivor tip that you really need!


Fiu Fiu! ( Well,Well)

January 10, 2010 Leave a comment

Denmark is all-around. Soon there is going to be a screening of a Danish movie, we also have a shop selling Scandinavian clothes: Odd Molly, HunkyDory, Ilse Jacobsen.. Everything is there, its pretty and located in Hotel Europejski right in the centre of Warsaw in the direction of old town.

Stop  by and have a look- until the 31st of January they have 50% sale! ( good, because it’s hard to afford these pretty clothes in these prices!)


fiu fiu

Warszawa Powisle

December 26, 2009 4 comments

If you ever come to Warsaw you have to see this:  a former train ticket office, abandoned in the communist times turned into bar/cafe or rather cafe/bar. Nice owners, always great atmosphere and very easy to get there. Just perfect.

Recommended even on the Boxing Day- after you got your presents.

by Piotr Mroz

warszawa powisle-spaceship

Today, supposedly, a good party with dj Stanislaw. Be there around 22!

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Warsaw Christmas

December 24, 2009 1 comment

On Christmas we usually end up where it is best for us: the cosiest, the most comfortable. For me so far it is Warsaw and I must say that I am having  a great time here: friends, friends of friends, family and above all culinary specialities that  I missed so much.

It has to be said: Warsaw is developing rapidly and it changes very fast. Thanks to my friends I get to be up-to-date with what is new and worth seeing and so far I had reached:

OSIR Cafe (

osir swiateczny

friends of friends opened this cosy cafe and called it OSIR- a “cult” thing in Polish meaning “place for recreation and sport”. I am sure you can achieve it there- with bicycles on the walls and great glogg with honey liquor!  Unforgettable.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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