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Summer= Kanelsnegl’s

June 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Summer has come upon us. It mostly means a lot of sun, hanging out with friends and going to Roskilde ( this is truly a national movement- Copenhagen will be completely abandoned for a few days!). For us summer meant having no obligations and doing whatever we felt like and what we always wanted to do and never found time to actually make it. Like Kanelsnegl’s.

We had many attempts. On the photo we have rolls with apple/cinnamon and walnut filling. Later on we made kanelsnegl’s with baking powder, however, our dear friend has overcome himself in making the real yeast ones…. yum yum!

Dear All, have a great summer.

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We loved streetheart

June 18, 2010 Leave a comment

It happened a while ago. It was a very pleasant Saturday- one of these days when it was actually sunny and warm. Place: Enghave Plads, Vesterbro. It was a mixture of street art, music, families, food, bevarages and skate competition for kids.

It was a proof, that Saturday afternoon does not have to be boring or just lazy- it can be nice and lazy with some good vibes. The vibes were provided by the dj’s who brought this summer mood to the people gathered around. One of the tunes that made us swing was Simply Red- Sunrise. I think it is pretty much self explanatory. Streetheart just rocked our hearts.

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We have been told: Distortion festival in Copenhagen is officially the beginning of the summer. It is almost like: if there will be no Distortion, there will be no summer. We had experienced a few street parties in Copenhagen so we kind of build up an image of what is going to be happening during these few days when Copenhagen is officially taken over by Copenhageners, music and sun.

There was everything: great weather, great music, chilled atmosphere and good moods. Norrebrogade was partly closed ( including the bridge) so people could enjoy a ‘festive mood’ with different kinds of music: from r&b to reggae and electro. However, what was really amazing was the party on the Knippelsbro (and under it)- the bridge actually did open ( even twice!).

Bravo Copenhagen!

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