What I saw recently. What was good, bad and so on. Movie critics unite!

– amazing, great, wait for the subtitles.

  striking. Absolute must.

– moving

– Maggie Gyllenhaal, just insane !

– Fantastic Mr Fox! Roald Dahl. Miooodzio

– fantastic Mad Hatter as in Johnny Depp and a lot of imaginative visions. Sometimes however it is better to imagine things on your own…

– Lovey Bones, creepy story that was supposed to be innovative from th point of view that a dead person actually narrates it, watches what is happening etc. Not convincing. Moving only if somebody is awfully sentimental.

– An Education. Long waited to see didn’t disappoint. Maybe an ending a little bit ( a bit hasty). In general highly recommended. Not only for young girls.

– Sean Penn as unforgettable Harvey Milk. Based on a true story- still hard to believe that it actually happened, thankfully we live in completely different times!

Sophie’s Choice… An absolute must for movie fans, hard, long and discussable. Meryl Streep- just sooo beautiful!

– just sooo soooo soo complicated!

– all politics is about sport reality ( getting back to ancient Greeks and their Olympic Games just in a form of rugby?!)

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