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Loppemarked at the Meatpacking District

Looking back at this it was perfect. Let me say this again: per-fect! Just another Saturday afternoon, with the slight change- the weather was indeed tropical. Everything just seems to look better when it is sunny outside and you can finally forget your warm jackets and long boots.It is true what they say: once the summer starts in Copenhagen, it is so beautiful that you do not want to leave it.

We hopped on our bikes, had a nice bike ride to the Vesterbro area and reached the Meatpacking District where the flea market was taking place. It did not look big, but as we had discovered it was full of interesting things. Everybody got something: hats, sweaters, tshirts and a sun tan.

We fell in love with Copenhagen again.

See event here


action hygge.

We had already established that the neighborhood of 2200 is great, this event only confirmed what we already knew: Copenhageners like family spirit, music, beer and good cakes.

There are 2 streets of this kind in Norrebro ( probably there are more but these are the most recognizable): Blågårdsgade and Jaegersborggade. What they have in common is this kind of warmth and closeness of a community where everybody feels welcome. The latter one ‘throws’ events literally on the street probably more often than Blågårdsgade but they also have a lesser impact. What we experienced on the Street Festival was live music with great bands, colorful decorations, people of different ages dancing and having chats what made everybody feel as a part of a community.

Surprisingly, the party was going on for the whole day as the organizers predicted: it was the same spirit from 14 until midnight; only the sky had changed its color. We loved it!

See the event

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March 18, 2010 Leave a comment

In case you have no idea what I am talking about you will figure out in a second. Few days ago our friend spontaneously decided to take us to a ballet show. I was not prepared for it at all, not to mention I did not even know the title. The plan was to eat something out and go to the play. We had thought of Cafe Wilder because it was not too far away from the theatre and we had heard good things about it. We had indeed a feast:

*lamb with mashed potatoes and beans
*Danish specialite: mashed potatoes+fried bacon+caramelised onion
*fish in a saffron sauce ( delicious)
* and steak tartare

After a heavy meal we biked our way to the theatre for the ballet and we found ourselves in front of a magnificent design: by the water, facing the Opera on the other side of the canal and apparently the same architect as the Tietgen Kollegium that everybody is in love with ( including my small person). This is what the architects Lundgaard& Tranberg worked on so far:

This is the theatre. And the show? Well, contemporary, very. Quite astonishing actually but made me think that everybody really interprets art differently and sometimes it is hard to figure out what is actually going on. I was advised to look up this person, who died just 3 years ago and had a huge impact upon the ballet that can be called modern: Maurice Bejart ( ).

We hope to have more of spontaneous evenings of this kind!

Song that was played during the ballet performance- everybody had indeed smiles on their faces!

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beef bourguignon

March 3, 2010 1 comment

As it was stated at the very beginning the aim of this blog is to bring to you not only fascinating places or events but most importantly- food. Exploration of our neighbourhood did not stop only on the Indian Restaurant. Already known to us Gefarlich had offered us only good drinks and fun. The time had come to try their cuisine.

What is funny already at the very beginning is that place has a German name, kind of French cuisine and all of this is in Denmark. The menu offers a lot of fish dishes as well as a bit of the meat ones.

the choices weren’t very varied this night: most of our group took fish and they were very pleased with is. Then we had also coq au vin and I had not heard the reactions because the people were just too far away to hear their comments. However, I went there to try the ultimate French dish: beef bourguingon that had become famous grace a Julia Child.  Quite heavy dish but just sooo tasty. However, the sauce was excellent, the meat was just too hard. Next time it’s gonna be better!

coq au vin

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Neighbourhood Exploration

February 23, 2010 Leave a comment

We had decided to do some neighborhood exploration and finally make the ultimate ranking- what is good/bad/overpriced/worthy etc. This time we had chosen to see what the Indian restaurants have to offer- somehow we had a craving for this kind of cuisine and one of us had actually been to India what helps in telling how original the food actually is.

Our target: Natraj Indisk Restaurant ( just by Laundromat

Score: good ( 4/6)

Interior: Indian oldschool

papadam and mango lassi

a variety of dishes

don’t be deceived by the small plates- the amount of food was perfect, nobody went out hungry!

Positive movement

February 3, 2010 Leave a comment

I am proud to announce that currently this is my neighbour:


We share common space, meaning a variety of food stores, great take-aways and even possibility of a drink at few corners.

There is only one conclusion:


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Flying snow

January 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Warsaw is currently over-snowed. Despite the problems everything seems to run as usual. Except pedestrians being almost unable to walk, cars getting stuck in between the ‘snow walls’ etc. How much of snow there is? Well, 25-30 cm approx. It is not little, it is something. And still, we seem to manage.

Countries such as UK, Spain or France, not used to these kind of conditions are experiencing some problems. Especially when it comes to communication. Flights delayed or not even flying. Everything paralysed. For Central-Eastern it is hard to believe.

Friends of mine flying allover- Spain/France/UK somehow managed to do it. However, if you get stuck on an airport with almost nothing to do at some point you will have to eat. There are few points about Copenhagen Airport Catering:

*little variety of food services

Sas airlines


*not tasty

In short: a disaster. One of the best Airports when it comes to food services I had encountered so far is London Heathrow Terminal 5: a vast variety and good (expensive, but still, it is an airport).

So if you plan to fly somewhere and you see there is snow outside, get yourself some homemade sandwiches with whatever you like best and just take it on board. Not only you can do it, it is the only survivor tip that you really need!