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Christmas Trolle

December 17, 2009 Leave a comment

I have a friend and she has particular abilities. Well, mostly she lives in a different reality but it is what makes her special. She gets to know the weirdest people in the weirdest ways and still does not know how to get to her house. It causes a lot of social confusion but also smiles. She is the one that is always open for adventures, spontaneity etc. Thanks to her I am discovering world and a lot of myself. – Christmas tribute to Leo.

This is what she had discovered while buying presents for her family.friends:

Trolle Siebenhaar – very interesting singer. Actually the singer is Anne Trolle and the person she is in cooperation is called Martin Siebenhaar (Pato). Her song “white lilies” was featured on Hotel Costes, vol. 10  a compilation CD mixed by Stephane Pammpugnac.

in general, Trolle Sibenhaar- very good idea for a presnt. Such as:

* Where the wild things are ( soundtrack), *Mew * Blue Foundation ( first and second cd)


“Folk music for modern people” Tobias Wilner

October 29, 2009 Leave a comment

Blue Foundation- “Eyes on Fire”. My birthday song.

Described as a Danish alternative rock, Blue Foundation was founded by Tobias Wilner in 2000. It has a distinctive sound ( there is definately something coldly Scandinavian about it) that can be called: “melodic drama pop”.

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